equanda version 0.9 is the first version which includes a user interface which is built using tapestry 5 and has a reasonable amount of documentation.

With 0.9.1 a lot of improvements were made to make it more feature complete and more reliable.
Version 0.9.2 included fine grained access control configurations, a lot of user interface improvements, new unique-for constraint, new TreeTable component, ajax enabled textfield component.
For 0.9.3 the major change is the introduction of the t5navigation module.
Version 0.9.4 is mostly a bugfix and minor improvements release.

For changes see the release notes

This version is very useable and reliable, however we still have a lot of stuff we want to implement before we can call it version 1.0.

  • assure the user can choose which automatically generated key is used. This currently uses a custom UOID, but using a more standard UUID should also be possible
  • improve the tapestry5 user interface
    • improve support for the render attribute
    • support for more of the declarative constraints in the user interface
  • assure ddltool can also be used on other databases than firebird
  • improve the documentation
  • various improvements as mentioned in JIRA

Other features/improvements may also be included.
For details and the current status, check the equanda JIRA pages.

Ideas that we are considering (but which may be delayed to versions after 1.0) include

  • integrate a full text search engine
  • integrate automatic support for field tagging
  • builtin support for versioning
  • semantics support
  • more powerful import/export features
  • portfolio infrastructure inclusion support
  • include more metadata in records
  • 1. Roadmap