This module contains tapestry5 components which are completely independent of the equanda generated stuff.
This is done to increase the reusability of these components without pulling in too many dependencies.

There is a online sample application demonstrating these components, the subversion repository is browsable here.

The following components are provided

Useful services, translators and other

  • DoubleTranslator : assures both dot or comma can be used as decimal seperator.
  • TimestampTranslator : translator for using java.sql.Timestamp values.
  • The UTF-8 filter from the tapestry wiki is included to assure form submits can include accented characters.


A list of available versions of the library can be found at http://maven.progs.be/m2repo/org/equanda/equanda-tapestry5/.
You should normally use the most recent version.

Or you can include it in your maven build using the following settings


For this to work, you need to also include the PROGS maven repository.

  • 1. equanda-tapestry5
  • 1.1. Usage