equanda-util module

The util module contains a large set of utility classes, amongst the following categories

  • General utility classes
    • INIFile
    • string extensions, StringUtil, StringSplitter
    • exception handling, SaveException, ExceptionGroup, ExceptionUtil
    • various others
  • ObjectAccessor which allows direct access to the equanda generated classes using reflection
  • AlertUtil which allows easy creation of alerts.
  • EAN 128 barcode utility code, both for decomposing barcodes and building (printer specific) barcode strings.
  • io
    • TextBuilderWriter a StringWriter which builds the string in a (javolution) TextBuilder, thus being more efficient and creating less garbade.
    • StreamUtil including methods to "slurp" the contents of a stream into a string and to copy data from an input to an output stream.
    • UtilScriptDM some aid rouines to access a equanda generated domain model
  • Various swing utility classes
  • ImportUtil to allow easy access to the import provisions of generated applications

For more details about these, see the API docs.

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